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Lilly Pilly Early Learning Centre
What is the preschool program?
Qualified Early Childhood teachers are different to educators; they have the responsibility of programming to enable your child's preparation for school, both socially and educationally. Our highly qualified teachers will provide simply the best opportunity for your child to thrive as they start primary school within the guidelines of the national EYLF system.
Can you help my child be ready for school next year?
Your child will be excited to start their primary schooling with the knowledge and skills learned at Lilly Pilly. They will learn to recognise letters and numbers, write their own name, be confident in toileting, eat from their own lunch box independently, gain cutting abilities, along with many more skills that will make their transition to school an easy and enjoyable one.
Will my child be happy to stay here?
We have a combination of young and experienced educators. They all bring different qualities and experiences to the centre, providing a broad range of caring people for them to connect with. Lilly Pilly fosters a family environment and closeness in interaction with parents that will reflect on your child's willingness to have a fun day with us.
Boy Juggling Ball — Child Care in Coffs Harbour, NSW
Girl on a Trampoline — Child Care in Coffs Harbour, NSW
Boy with Kite — Child Care in Coffs Harbour, NSW
Girl on Swing — Child Care in Coffs Harbour, NSW
My child is an individual. How can you help him?
We accept and support your child develops individually, it is our goal to meet their needs in each of their development areas.
We have a unique family environment, will that work with Lilly Pilly?
We also respect the special relationship your child has with you and the rest of your family and strive to respect and incorporate this perspective into all of our interactions with your child.
What is Lilly Pilly's greatest asset?
The family atmosphere of the centre is what people like the most. They walk in the door and they make a connection with the educators. The greatest comment we get is that Lilly Pilly is like a home environment but in a childcare centre.